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Weather By IP

v1.1.0 Public

This is a ColdBox Module that will retrieve basic weather information for you based on your user's IP address using the API available at

<cfset data = getModel( '[email protected]' ).getWeather()>

This code comes with no warranties, promises, or hot fudge sundaes.  It is known to the state of California to cause cancer.

Brad Wood
Drop the module inside your modules directory and access it via getModel("[email protected]").

This module depends on geolocation-lookup-by-ip which will automatically be installed if you  use CommandBox to install this module.

Here are all the versions for this package. Please note that you can leverage CommandBox package versioning to install any package you like. Please refer to our managing package version guide for more information.

Version Created Last Update Published By Stable Actions
1.1.0 Aug 25 2014 11:04 PM Jun 09 2016 08:23 PM


$ box install weather-lookup-by-ip

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