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Brad Wood

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This function takes URLs in a text string and turns them into links. The entire string will be retur

A utility to manage passwords for Adobe server installs.

Automatically ping blog aggregators after you post new entries like BlogCFC does.

If you imported a BlogCFC site, install this module to keep legacy SES URLs working.

Searches all views and handlers for queries to help you find misplaced business logic

Outputs a fun ASCII art image of a cat.

A module for ColdBox 4.0 apps that restores functions, conventions, and plugin functionality from Co

A ColdBox sample app that shows running an event from inside another view as a

I let you customize your CommandBox startup banner

A cool zsh-inspired prompt customizer for CommandBox 4.0

This is a CommandBox command called

A simple module to E-mail blog commenters when followup comments are posted.

A ColdBox module to look up user's location information based on their IP address

A CommandBox command called

A nifty interceptor to move JS blocks to the bottom of your page

A ColdBox module to scan the kinds of line breaks your code uses.

A utility to manage passwords for Lucee and Railo server installs.

A sweet package

A library for managing Java property files

A small string comparison library to highlight differences between to strings

Look up local weather by IP address.