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Version any orm entity for easy rollbacks


box install cborm-versioning


Automatic Versioning

If the entity has a verisioned attribute on the entities, the module will create a version of that entity. Installing registers an interceptor on all ORMPreInsert and ORMPreUpdate events to version entities.

Manual Versioning

You can also manually create a version. Doing so skips the check for the versioned attribute.

var versioner = wirebox.createInstance( "[email protected]" );
versioner.version( myEntity );

Restoring Entities from Versions

Once you have a version, restoring it to an entity is simple:

var version = entityNew( "[email protected]" ).get( id );
var restoredEntity = version.restore();
// then if you want this to be the new current version;

Automatic Pruning of Old Versions

If you set a numeric value (n) for your versioned attribute (e.g. versioned="4" ), then the module will delete all versions in excess of n after creating a version. By default, cborm-versioning doesn't delete any versions.

Here are all the versions for this package. Please note that you can leverage CommandBox package versioning to install any package you like. Please refer to our managing package version guide for more information.

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1.0.1 Jun 02 2017 12:52 AM Jun 02 2017 12:52 AM
1.0.0 Mar 07 2017 08:16 AM Mar 07 2017 08:16 AM


$ box install cborm-versioning

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