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Eric Peterson

Member Since: January 14, 2015
Username: elpete

A CommandBox tool for scaffolding ForgeBox modules

Authentication services for ColdBox Applications.

A CFML Wrapper around the GitHub API optimized for ColdBox

The ColdBox adapter for Inertia.js

Version any orm entity for easy rollbacks

This package does not have a summary yet :(

Provides easy serialization and deserialization of yaml files

Wrapper around Barbecue - a Java barcode printing library

An array wrapper for functional programming

Transform business models to JSON data structures. Based on the Fractal PHP library.

A simple CFML whole value implementation of fractions

Keep track and run your database migrations with CFML

Reads values from your Java System properties and adds the values to your ColdBox settings.

Convention approach to adding environment variables to JVM args for CommandBox.

Manage your git hooks with CommandBox

Commands to share the current server via ngrok

Automated releases for CFML applications

Add CORS headers to your app in one module

Easy, customizable messages across requests for ColdFusion


A TestBox package for even better Integration tests in ColdBox!

A CommandBox tool for scaffolding Integrated specs

This package does not have a summary yet :(

Normalize any value to an array

Calls ORMReload() when the `ormReload=correct_password` is set in the URL or when `fwreinit` is called.

A query builder for the rest of us

ColdBox/WireBox Aspect to convert queries to arrays of structs

This package does not have a summary yet :(
This package does not have a summary yet :(

Caches the last request in the flash scope to give easy redirects back

Translate an absolute path into a relative path.

Verifying that commandbox-semantic-release is working

A cbmailservices protocol for Send Grid

Sets the SES and HTML base url on each request.

A collection of string helper functions

Use snapshot testing to easily prevent regressions in TestBox

CFML Regular Expressions made easy

Verifies the CSRF token on all non-GET requests

A collection of helpers for interacting with VueJS

Interactive debug for exceptions in ColdBox