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ColdBox IOC Integration

v1.1.0 Public
The ColdBox IOC module allows you to integrate third-party dependency injection
and inversion of control frameworks into your ColdBox Applications.

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Just drop into your **modules** folder or use the box-cli to install

`box install cbioc`

The module registers the following mapping in WireBox: `[email protected]`
Which abstracts any IoC engine with typical methods like `getBean(), containsBean()`

## Framework support
This module supports out of the box the following DI Engines:

- ColdSpring
- ColdSpring2
- DI/1
- WireBox

## Settings
You will configure the ioc integration via your `Coldbox.cfc` configuration file with an `ioc` structure.

ioc = {
    // The registered name of the IoC engine to use or a class path to the IoC Adapter to use.
    framework         = "",
    // Auto reload the configuration file and engine on each request
    reload             = false,
    // The framework definition file
    definitionFile     = "",
    // If the framework in use supports parent factories, you can register them here.
    parentFactory = {
        framework         = "",
        definitionFile = ""


## WireBox DSL: IOC
This module registers a WireBox DSL Namespace: `ioc`, so you can leverage autowiring via this namespace in your handlers:

property name="myBean" inject="ioc:beanID";

## Mixins
This module also registers a new method: `getBean( beanName )` on all
handlers, interceptors, views/layouts so you can easily retrieve objects from your favorite IoC engine.


$ box install cbioc

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