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Luis Majano

Member Since: January 10, 2009
Username: lmajano

This SDK allows you to add Akismet capabilities to your ColdFusion (CFML) applications

A plugin that connects to gravatar.com to get avatar icons

An interface to the bit.ly URL shortener service

A cool captcha builder

A collection of some nice models to help with your CFML development

A CFC Introspection and Documentation Tool

A utility plugin that let's you know under what engine you are running on

An awesome file browser and manager.

Integrate third-party dependency injection into any ColdBox Application

A set of modules to provide dynamic scaffolding to any ColdBox application leveraging Transfer ORM

An incredible ColdFusion Builder Extension

This module provides a robust security engine for ColdBox applications.

A Cool ColdBox Developer SideBar

A nice module to help you interact with SOAP web services

ColdBox Platform Sublime IDE Package

This module adds Code Mirror support to CKEditor included with ContentBox. Once you go into source mode you will get a full coding experience.

Deployment Application Re-Initializer

A plugin that helps you write files java style

A plugin that talks to the ForgeBox REST API

ColdBox speaks groovy! You can script in groovy and even consume groovy classes and templates.

A plugin to talk to groovy in your ColdBox applications.

This module compresses output HTML for optimum performance optimizations

A set of scaffolding templates for ColdBox Applications using Illudium PU-36

A js/css/less compressor with caching goodness

A custom JSON encoder and decoder

The ColdFusion (CFML) version of the Markdown Dingus testing application

Uses the core ColdBox MixerUtil to help you do mixins and more

A Mocking and Stubbing Library

Adds the ability to use the SES interceptor of the same site on multiple domains

A plugin that helps you build paging based on a query recordset

The SSL interceptor uses regular expressions for event pattern matches and will preserve SES urls

Interface to StringBuilder and StringBuffer Java String Concatenation Classes

A plugin that can help you diff text and report it for you

AOP and Dependency Injection Framework with included Caching