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ColdBox Compatibility Module

v1.1.0.0000 Public
A module for ColdBox 4.0 apps that restores functions, conventions, and plugin functionality from ColdBox 3.x to make upgrading easier.This module should add back the following functionality:
  • Original getModuleSettings() behavior
  • getPlugin() function
  • getMyPlugin() function
  • getColdBoxOCM() function
  • UDFLibraryFile setting
  • "model" convention for WireBox scan locations
  • coldbox.system.plugin base class
The following WireBox mapping DSL namespaces are restored
  • ocm
  • ocm:{keyName}
  • coldbox:plugin:{pluginName}
  • coldbox:myplugin:{pluginName}
  • coldbox:myplugin:{[email protected]}
  • coldbox:fwconfigbean
  • coldbox:configbean
  • coldbox:cacheManager
  • coldbox:mailsettingsbean (requires mailservices module)
  • coldbox:debuggerService (requires cbdebugger module)
  • coldbox:validationManager (requires validation module)
This module also comes packaged with all the original ColdBox 3.8.1 plugins, so you only need to install this module and you'll have it all back again.

Known issues;
  • When this module loads, it will copy Plugin.cfc to the coldbox/system directory. If you uninstall this module, it will not remove that file.
  • Plugins only work for the default convention location of "plugins".
  • You will still need to change the Application.cfc to use coldbox.system.Bootstrap instead of coldbox.system.ColdBox.  There's really no way around that one.

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Drop this module in the modules folder or run "install cbcompat" from CommandBox and reinit the application.
  • 11/13/2014 1.0.0 -- Initial version
  • 11/14/2014 1.0.1 -- Added a few more WireBox DSL namespaces
  • 7/10/2015 1.0.1 --  Check for setting existence in PluginService and remove mixins on module unload.


$ box install cbcompat

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