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CFMLVerbalExpressions is a CFML library that helps to construct hard regular expressions;

var regex = new VerbalExpression();

     .anythingBut(' ')

if (regex.test('')) {
    writeOutput('Valid URL');
} else {
    writeOutput('Invalid URL');

if (REFindNoCase(regex.toRegex(), '') > 0) {
    writeOutput('Valid URL');
} else {
    writeOutput('Invalid URL');

Other Implementations

You can see other ports on


Easiest way to install is through CommandBox:

box install VerbalExpressions


Run the tests by starting up a server and navigating to /tests/runner.cfm.

box server start port=9999
open http://localhost:9999/tests/runner.cfm


This port of Verbal Expressions is not feature complete. Please see here for the list of required methods and submit pull requests (with tests) to add additional functionality.

$ box install VerbalExpressions

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