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v1.0 Plugins
Originally built by Tony Garcia

 Displays a CAPTCHA image for form validation using ColdFusion 8 cfimage tag.
 The display() method displays the captcha image. If the user is returning to the form from a failed captcha validation (using validate method), an error message also appears under the image, which can be customized by the 'message' argument.

 The validate() method is used in the event that handles the form and takes as an argument the form field value from the  request collection in which the user entered the CAPTCHA code. It returns true if there is a match and false if not (and also  sets a flag in the session scope to tell the plugin to display the error message if the user is redirected back to the form.)

This plugin is free to use and modify and is provided with NO WARRANTY of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

ColdFusion 8 ONLY!

Drop in your plugins folder or coldbox extensions location

$ box install Captcha

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