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ContentBox CKCodeMirror Extension

v2.0.0 ContentBox Modules

CKCodeMirror Module For ContentBox

This module adds CodeMirror support to CKEditor included with ContentBox. Once you go into source mode you will get a full coding experience.

Available Shortcuts

  • 'Ctrl-K' to comment the currently selected text
  • 'Ctrl-Shift-K' to uncomment currently selected text
  • 'Ctrl-Alt-K' to auto format currently selected text
  • 'Ctrl-Q' Expand/Collapse Code Block
  • 'Ctrl-F' to perform a search
  • 'Ctrl-G' to find next
  • 'Ctrl-Shift-G' to find previous
  • 'Ctrl-Shift-F' to find and replace
  • 'Ctrl-Shift-R' to find and replace all


The Full Theme List can be found here:




Licensed under the terms of the MIT License.

$ box install CKCodeMirror

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