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Tweet Box

v0.3.0 Public


Tweet-Box is a CommandBox Command that lets you post status updates and send direct messages through Twitter via the CLI.


Firstly, you must have CommandBox 2.3.0+ installed.

Install this command into CommandBox CLI like so:

box install tweetbox


install tweetbox

if you are already inside the box environment.

You will also need to set up an app on Twitter to generate your oauth credentials (token and token secret values) as well as your consumer token and token secret values.

To do so, head over to, log in with your Twitter account and create a new application. Make a note of the values as you will be asked by the command to enter them before you can make any status updates.


The following commands are available:

tweet post

Posts a status update (or direct message) to Twitter

tweet post message="Posting from CommandBox!"

also available via the following aliases:

post message="foo"


status message="foo"

To send a direct message you will need to set the dm attribute to true and provide a recipient screen name, like so:

tweet post "Hey!" --dm @coldfumonkeh

At present the command does nothing but repeat the posted message content into the console.

tweet validate

Performs a validation check on the configuration file (saved locally within the custom command directory) and prompts the user to input any missing required information from the config file:

  • consumerKey
  • consumerSecret
  • oauthToken
  • oauthTokenSecret
  • userAccountName


This was built for fun to experiment with the CommandBox architecture and to create something that others may find useful.

You could use it to:

  • send a direct message to you after a test suite has been run
  • post new build information to the general masses
  • impress your friends

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$ box install tweetbox

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