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Squrll safely creates SQL clauses from URL parameters

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Step 1: URL Input: (Not URL encoded for human readability)

GET https://domain.tld/api/v1/resource?filter=title like "_Manager_" and active eq true&sort=name.dsc.nullsfirst&limit=20&offset=40&count=true

Step 2: Squrll:

var columnTypes = {
  'title': 'cf_sql_varchar'
  ,'active': 'cf_sql_boolean'
  ,'name': 'varchar'
var result = Squrll.parse( URL, columnTypes );
// result equals
   'count': ' COUNT(*) OVER() AS _count '
  ,'filter': ' AND title LIKE :squrll_title AND active = :squrll_active '
  ,'queryParams': {
    'squrll_title': { 'cfsqltype': 'cf_sql_varchar', 'value': '_Manager_' }
    ,'squrll_active':  { 'cfsqltype': 'cf_sql_varchar', 'value': 'true' }
  ,'sort': ' ORDER BY name DESC NULLS FIRST '
  ,'range': ' LIMIT 20 OFFSET 40 '
  ,'error': false
  ,'errorMessages': []

Step 3: Build Your Query

function getStuff( tenantID, squrll ) {
  var sql = '
      SELECT id, name, value
      FROM stuff
      WHERE tenant_id = :tenantID
  sql &= squrll.filter;
  sql &= squrll.sort;
  sql &= squrll.range;

  var params = {
    tenantID: { value: arguments.tenantID, cfsqltype: 'cf_sql_integer' }
  params.append( squrll.queryParams );

  return queryExecute( sql, params );



When creating page controllers or REST endpoints we often need to support sorting and filtering. This module provides a standardized, URL safe syntax to describe filters, sorts, and counts. The URL syntax is parsed and then safely composed into raw, parameterized SQL snippets to be used with the base select statments.

SQL Dialects

Currently this package only supports Postgres, pull requests welcome for other dialects

URL Parameters

SQL clauses are built from URL strings assigned to specific URL parameters.

URL ParamSQL ClauseExampleMethod
sortORDER BY?filter=title like "_Manager_"Squrll.parseSort()

NOTE: The parameter names are configurable


The filter expression is comprised of Logical and Binary expressions with a familiar syntax to build SQL WHERE clauses.

ex: rank gte 90 and ( status in "active,disabled,inactive" or edge_case eg true )

URL OperatorsSQLDescription
nisIS NOTBinary
ninNOT INBinary
nlikeNOT LIKEBinary
nilikeNOT ILIKEBinary

Filter Notes

  • Nested parenthesis/expressions are supported, ex: a eq 1 and ( b gte 1 or c gte 1 )
  • Evaluated expressions are NOT allowed, ex: column1 eq column2 + 3


A comma separated list of column expressions.

ex: state.asc,name,created_date.dsc.nullslast

Column Expressions are . delimited strings, the "Column Name" is required while the direction and modifier are optional.

Column NameDirectionsModifiers
[\w]+asc, desc, dscnullsfirst, nullslast

NOTE: The default direction is asc, and dsc is an alias for desc.


Two URL parameters control the pagination.

  • ?limit=20&offset=40 - Will return 20 rows offset by 40 rows
  • ?offset=40 - Will return the defaultLimit offset by 40 rows or all rows if allowNoLimit is true
  • ?limit=40 - Will return the first 40 rows


Boolean URL param will allow the client to request the total count.

Currently this only builds a partial SQL column select statement but does not suggest how to format the response. Currently that is out of scope for this project.

Module Configs

settings = {
  countUrlParam:   'count'    // Name of the URL parameter
  ,filterUrlParam: 'filter'   // Name of the URL parameter
  ,sortUrlParam:   'sort'     // Name of the URL parameter
  ,limitUrlParam:  'limit'    // Name of the URL parameter
  ,offsetUrlParam: 'offset'   // Name of the URL parameter
  ,filterPrepend:  'AND'      // Include `AND` or `WHERE` in the filter sql clause
  ,sortPrepend:    'ORDER BY' // Include `ORDER BY` in the sort sql clause
  ,defaultLimit:   20         // Default record limit when not defined, ignored if allowNoLimit is true
  ,allowNoLimit:   false      // Allow unlimited rows to be returned
  ,columnTypes:    {}         // Allow and type these columns on all requests `{ columnName: 'cf_sql_type' }`

Column Types Struct

Column types are passed into each filter and sort function call and inherit from the "Module Configs". If there is a conflict the model configs win.

// Example
columnTypes = {
  'name': 'cf_sql_varchar'
  ,'active': { 'cfsqltype': 'cf_sql_varchar' }

Struct keys must be the column names while the values are either a 'cf_sql_type' or a struct with the following allowed keys:

cfsqltypestringtruenonesee cfqueryparam
namestringfalsenoneActual column name if different from parent struct key
separatorstringfalse','Must be one of the following: , ; | :

Data Types


Numbers are validated by sql type bounds in hopes to help prevent database exceptions and instead inform the user with an error message. See the ValidatorTests.cfc for examples.

Date/Time Formats

A subset of the ISO 8601 standard has been employed. (TL'DR Dashes and colons are required)


SQL Injection

This package mitigates SQL injection by parsing the URL into an abstract syntax tree. Each token is validated upon parsing and the strict language syntax inherently eliminates the threat for SQL injection. The filter composer also creates cfqueryparam's and qualifies each value against its cfsqltype to further limit the attack base.

Also a struct of columns, acting as a whitelist, is required for both filtering and sorting. Each column must include a cf_sql_type in order for the filtering to work. (Sorting only requires that the column exists in the struct).

If you have any concerns that are not covered by the tests let's add them!

Inspiration - stolen ideas and logic :)


  • Allow literals to be transformed by a UDF
  • Additional Operators
    • LIKE ANY likeany
    • NOT LIKE ANY nlikeany
    • ILIKE ANY ilikeany
    • NOT ILIKE ANY nilikeany
    • ANY any
    • NOT ANY nany
    • ALL all
    • IS DISTINCT isdistinct
    • IS NOT DISTINCT nisdistinct
    • range

Here are all the versions for this package. Please note that you can leverage CommandBox package versioning to install any package you like. Please refer to our managing package version guide for more information.

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