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A simple, lightweight XML Parser Implementation written purely in CFML.

This parser purposly does not implement features such as external entities, remote schemas, DTDs to mitigate the security risks related to parsing untrusted XML.

Example Usage

sxp = new SafeXmlParse();
xml = "<dad name='pete'><child/></dad>"
xmlObject = sxp.parse(xml);

writeOutput( ); //pete


You can specify the following options in the options struct argument of the parse function:

sxp.parse(xml, {tagLimit=100});

Here are the supported options:

  • nestingLimit - The number of nested tags allowed. This value can be specified to prevent Coercive Parsing attacks. Default Value: 1000
  • tagLimit - The maximum number of tags allowed. in the XML document This value can be specified to prevent Coercive Parsing attacks and Jumbo. Default Value: 1000000


Throws exceptions with the following type specified in the cfcatch struct:

  • safexmlparse.invalidxml - Thrown if it encounters invalid XML, unclosed tags, etc.
  • safexmlparse.nestinglimit - Thrown if the XML has reached the configured nestingLimit
  • safexmlparse.taglimit - Thrown if the XML has more tags than the configured tagLimit
  • safexmlparse.doctype - Thrown if the XML has a !DOCTYPE defined
  • safexmlparse.entity - Thrown if the XML has a !ENTITY defined
  • safexmlparse.element - Thrown if the XML has a !ELEMENT defined

The exception message will be generic such as Invalid XML or Unsupported XML and the detail of the exception will contain more technical details intended for the developer.

Known Issues & Limitations

  • Does not yet support CDATA sections
  • Currently does not allow XML with !DOCTYPE !ENTITY or !ELEMENT, throws an Exception. It would be useful to have the option to simply ignore them, instead of throwing an exception.
  • Does not support notation, instead you have to use XmlChildren

References: OWSAP XML Security CheatSheet

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$ box install safexmlparse

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