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PresideCMS Extension: Socket.IO For Preside

v0.6.1+0000055 Public

Socket.IO For Preside

Continuous Integration

Socket.IO for Preside builds on the framework provided by the project to provide seamless websocket functionality right in your Preside apps.

The extension is currently in an experimental alpha state so use at your own risk. Further documentation and guides will arrive as the system matures.


Documentation/Tutorials (work in progress) can be found here:


This project is licensed under the GPLv2 License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details.


The project is maintained by The Pixl8 Group. The lead developer is Dominic Watson.

Code of conduct

We are a small, friendly and professional community. For the eradication of doubt, we publish a simple code of conduct and expect all contributors, users and passers-by to observe it.

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The extension is currently in Alpha state and changing frequently. Will begin a changelog when becomes more stable.


$ box install preside-ext-socket-io

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