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PresideCMS Extension: Mailjet

v1.1.0+0000008 Preside Extensions

Mailjet Integration for Preside


This extension provides integration for Mailjet with Preside's email centre (Preside 10.8 and above).

Currently, the extension provides:

  • A Message Centre service provider with configuration for sending email through mailjet's API
  • A mailjet webhook endpoint (/mailjet/hooks/) for receiving and processing mailjet webhooks for delivery & bounce notifications, etc.

See the wiki for further documentation.


From the root of your application, type the following command (using CommandBox):

box install preside-ext-mailjet

Additional step for Preside 10.8 and below

If you are not already on Preside 10.9 or above, you'll need to enable the extension by opening up the Preside developer console and entering:

extension enable preside-ext-mailjet
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  • Allow configuring of two separate mailjet accounts - i.e., one for transactional and one for marketing emails


  • Migrate to GitHub Actions build process

$ box install preside-ext-mailjet

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