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PresideCMS Extension: Google Tag Manager

v1.1.5.00011 Public

Google Tag Manager for Preside

This extension is for installing configuration for adding Google Tag Manager (GTM) scripts to the HEAD and BODY sections of the required layout templates as per the instructions in GTM.


From a commandline at the root of your application:

box install preside-ext-google-tag-manager


Once installed, login to the Preside admin and head to System -> Settings -> Google Tag Manager and enter the snippets from the instructions section in Google Tag Manager Admin -> Container -> install Google Tag Manager .


The extension will take care of inserting the Google Tag manager "snippets" into your layout automatically for you, you won't need to do anything else. However, you can customize the layouts that are effected.

To customize the layouts, set the settings.googleTagManager.layouts variable in your Config.cfc:

settings.googleTagManager.layouts = [ "main", "newsletter" ]; // default is [ "main" ]


If you're using the Google Analytics extension, please ensure this is removed or the configuration for the tracking ID is removed to help prevent double tags/events being fired.

Contributing and roadmap

Pull requests, issues and ideas are all welcome :) Please get in touch with the Preside team on our Preside Slack.

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  • Original build - completed


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• Publishing to Forgebox, opensource


• Relocating repo to Pixl8 GitHub account


• Completing move to GitHub, including ensuring the build script is executable and the ChangeLog is recognised by ForgeBox


$ box install preside-ext-google-tag-manager

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