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This module adds support to enable on the servers you start inside CommandBox.


box install nerdvision


The module has the following configuration properties:

NameRequiredDefault Value

You can set an apikey to the module like so:

box config set modules.nerdvision.apikey=<your api key>

Optional Configuration

Set the other properties in the same way as required, e.g.

box config set modules.nerdvision.version=3.0.2
box config set"My App"
box config set modules.nerdvision.tags="foo=bar; level=42"

The version above should be the version of the NerdVision Java agent used. (see available version)


To add NerdVision to your CommandBox dependecies add it into the box.json file for your application.

The version here should be the version of the NerdVision CommandBox module.



To use this module with server.json you can add the following to the root of the file:

  "nerdvision": {
    "apikey": "${NV_API_KEY}",
    "name": "${NV_NAME:commandbox}",
    "tags": "${NV_TAGS:''}"


After having set at least an apikey the agent will be downloaded and added to your server when you start the server with

box server start

The download will only be done if the nerdvision.jar file cannot be found in the expected location.

Once you server is running login to and add a workspace for you application. Visit the - Docs site for additional information.


The module does currently not provide logic to automatically uninstall from your server. To do this manually open your CommandBox servers.json file find the JVMArgs property and

  • delete the nv/ directory inside your server home directory as shown in the JVMargs value
  • remove the agent configuration from the JVMargs

The same steps are required if you want to change to a different version of


To get support using nerdvision or the commandbox module please contact via email ([email protected]) or join us on Discord.

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$ box install nerdvision

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