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Mailgun Protocol

A cbmailservices protocol for sending email via Mailgun

In cbmailservices parlance, a protocol is a method of sending an email. Protocols can be switched out based on environment settings making it easy to log a mail to a file in development, send it to an in-memory store for asserting against in tests, and sending to real services in production.


You can configure Mailgun as your protocol inside your mailsettings in your config/ColdBox.cfc. It is recommended you store your API key outside version control in either server ENV settings or Java properties. This approach also lets you easily swap out dev and production keys based on the environment.

mailsettings = {
	protocol = {
		class = "mailgunprotocol.models.protocols.mailgunProtocol",
		properties = {


Relies on the MailGunCFC Module by Matthew Clemente.

To use the wrapper as a ColdBox Module you will need to pass the configuration settings in from your config/Coldbox.cfc. This is done within the moduleSettings struct:

  mailguncfc = {
    secretApiKey  = 'key-xxx',
    publicApiKey  = 'pubkey-xxx',
    domain        = ''

You can then leverage the CFC via the injection DSL: mailgun@mailguncfc:

property name="mailgun" inject="mailgun@mailguncfc";


To send an email, set the type to plain or 'html':

var mail = mailService.newMail(
    to = user.getEmail(),
    subject = "Welcome to my site!",
    type = "html"

The body of the email is what will be sent. You can send plain text:

mail.setBody( "My plain text email here.  I can still use @placeholders@, of course." );

or you can send html

mail.setBody( "<p>My html email here.  I can still use @placeholders@, of course.</p>" );


You can attach a list or array of tags for your email by setting them on the additionalInfo.categories field of the mail.

mail.setAdditionalInfoItem( "categories", "marketing" );
mail.setAdditionalInfoItem( "categories", "lists,of,categories" );
mail.setAdditionalInfoItem( "categories", [ "or", "as", "an", "array" ] );

$ box install mailgun-protocol

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