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Encoding Utility

v1.0.3 Public

Encoding Utility

This is a ColdBox Module to assist in resolving character encoding issues. For example, when a legacy database supports only 7-bit ASCII, and the modern web application receives user content in UTF-8.


  • Lucee 5+
  • ColdBox 4+
  • Java 8+


Install using CommandBox: box install encoding-utility


Within the component you'd like to make use of the Encoding Utlity, have WireBox inject an instance for you from the module's namespace:

property name="encutil" inject="[email protected]";

These are the methods implemented:

  • substitute(string input) Returns the content with reasonable substitutions made. For example, "é" becomes "e".
  • substituteForJSON(string input) Performs substitutions, being conscious of JSON serialization.
  • isBasicLatin(string input) Tests the input for any code points above 127.
  • getStringDetails(string input) Returns a structure of useful information.


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

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$ box install encoding-utility

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