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AWS SNS Two Factor Authentication Provider for ContentBox

This module will enhance your ContentBox installation with a two-factor provider that leverages AWS SNS.


  • Lucee 5+
  • Adobe ColdFusion11+

Test Suite

In order to hack away at this module you will need to have CommandBox CLI installed along side the following core modules: commandbox-dotenv, commandbox-cfconfig. You can install them globally easily:

box install commandbox-dotenv,commandbox-cfconfig


Since ContentBox is a database driven application, it will require for you to have a test database in your system. MySQL is what we use for testing purposes.

Installing Dependencies & Starting Server

Once installed go into the test-harness and into the box shell. You will then install the project dependencies and choose which target CFML engine to test on. Available test engines are:

# install dependencies
# startup engine
server start [email protected]

This will startup the engine and create a datasource connection for you so you work with the project.



  • First iteration of this module

$ box install contentbox-awssns-twofactor

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