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CommandBox Update Check

v1.3.2 CommandBox Modules

This module can check for new versions of the CLI and system modules every time you start the CLI in interactive mode. An outbound internet connection is required for it to work.


Install the module like so:

install commandbox-update-check


You can turn module check on and off with the enable flag. If you want to follow the bleeding edge version of CommandBox, set the latest flag.

config set modules.commandbox-update-check.enable=false
config set modules.commandbox-update-check.latest=true

You can turn the CLI check specifically on and off with the CLIcheck flag and you can turn the system modules check on and off with the systemModulesCheck flag.

config set modules.commandbox-update-check.CLIcheck=false
config set modules.commandbox-update-check.systemModulesCheck=false


To use this module, simply start up your CommandBox shell in interactive mode and look for messages before the startup banner.

$ box install commandbox-update-check

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