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MongoDB connectivity package for CommandBox

v1.0.0 CommandBox Modules

MongoDB connectivity package for CommandBox

MongoDB Java driver wrapper for CommandBox. Supports querying, aggregation, map-reduce, GridFS and geospatial queries. This is a CommandBox module - use it in your CommandBox commands, modules or tasks.


  • CommandBox v. 3.9+
  • MongoDB v. 3+ (currently supported MongoDB Java driver version: 3.6.3)


"Work in Progress": at this stage the project code is usable but more documentation is needed.


  1. If you haven't already, download and install CommandBox:
  2. Install package by issuing the following command: box install commandbox-mongodb

The module will be installed into the /modules subfolder of your CommandBox installation directory (typically ~/.CommandBox/cfml/modules/).


Default connection parameters are set in ModuleConfig.cfc. You should not modify settings by editing this file, use CommandBox config set commands instead. See examples below and review CommandBox documentation for more info on working with config values: and

MongoDB server(s)

Config value: modules.commandbox-mongodb.hosts (Array of structs).


"hosts": [

Local installation of MongoDB is used by default (IP, port 27017). Change these values by issuing the following commands in CommandBox CLI:

config set modules.commandbox-mongodb.hosts='[{"serverName":"{MongoDB IP}", "serverPort":"{MongoDB port}"}]'

or to append new server to existing config:

config set modules.commandbox-mongodb.hosts='[{"serverName":"{MongoDB IP 1}", "serverPort":"{MongoDB port 1}"}]' --append

MongoDB credentials

Config value: modules.commandbox-mongodb.credentials (Array of structs).


"credentials": [

By default, no MongoDB connection credentials are used. Set authentication credentials by issuing the following in CommandBox CLI:

config set modules.commandbox-mongodb.credentials='[{"userName":"{Auth username}", "password":"{Auth password}", "database":"{Auth database}"}]'

MongoDB connection options

Config value: modules.commandbox-mongodb.options (Struct).


"options": {


"options": {

See available options in Java driver documentation. All options that require simple values as arguments should work (e.g. heartbeatConnectTimeout or connectionsPerHost); otherwise the following options have been implemented: readPreference, readConcern and writeConcern.

No MongoDB connection options are configured by default. Set connection options by issuing the following in CommandBox CLI:

config set modules.commandbox-mongodb.options='{"{option 1}":"{value 1}", "{option 2}":"{value 2}"}'

Default database

Config value: modules.commandbox-mongodb.databaseName (String)


"databaseName": "test"

When initialized, the module will try to connect to specified database. Set default database name by issuing the following in CommandBox CLI:

config set modules.commandbox-mongodb.databaseName="{your database name}"


Commandbox-mongodb package structure and usage is loosely based on MongoDB's Java driver structure and usage. When in doubt, refer to Java driver API docs.

In general, use the package in the following way:

  1. Use CommandBox Wirebox DI framework for instantiating the package. Entry point for all communication with MongoDB is the MongoClient class:

     property name="MongoClient" inject="MongoClient@commandbox-mongodb";
  2. Get database instance:

     var db=MongoClient.getDatabase("commandboxTestDb");
  3. Get collection representation:

     var myTestCollection=db.getCollection("testCollection");
  4. Issue your query, get the results as an array:

     var result=myTestCollection.find().toArray();

Example of the above in CommandBox task:

	property name="MongoClient" inject="MongoClient@commandbox-mongodb";
	property name="JSONPrettyPrint" inject="JSONPrettyPrint";

	function run(){
		var db=MongoClient.getDatabase( "commandboxTestDb" );
		var myTestCollection=db.getCollection( "testCollection" );
		var result=myTestCollection.find( {"_id":{"$oid":"5917654b4420c216dd1bd0dd"}} ).toArray();
		print.text( JSONPrettyPrint.formatJSON(result) );


This project uses Mark Mandel's Javaloader (

$ box install commandbox-mongodb

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