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CommandBox ColdSpring XML to WireBox DSL

v1.1.0+12 Public

ColdSpring XML to WireBox DSL Converter

This module can convert any ColdSpring XML file to the equivalent programmatic DSL for usage by WireBox Dependency Injection Framework (


Run the coldspring-to-wirebox command and pass in the location of the XML file to convert with an optional destination for the WireBox.cfc

# Produces a WireBox.cfc where you run the command
coldspring-to-wirebox tests/coldspring.xml.cfm

# Stores the WireBox.cfc in the same location as the file above
coldspring-to-wirebox tests/coldspring.xml.cfm tests/WireBox.cfc

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[v1.1.0] => 2022-MAR-30


  • ColdSpring Map support to WireBox structs
  • ColdSpring List support to WireBox arrays

[v1.0.0] => 2022-MAR-24

  • Initial Creation of this project

$ box install commandbox-coldspring-to-wirebox

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