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v2.3.0 CommandBox Modules


This is a CommandBox module for linting your CFML code using CFLint.

CFLint Version: 1.4.1


First you will need CommandBox version 4 or higher installed. Then you can install the commandbox-cflint module using the following command.

box install commandbox-cflint


It can be run on a single file or against a list of files defined by a file globing pattern

box cflint **.cfc,**.cfm

Run for all components in the models directory.

box cflint models/**.cfc

Generate html report instead of console output.

box cflint models/**.cfc --html

Hide INFO level results.

box cflint reportLevel=WARNING

Hide INFO and WARNING level results.

box cflint reportLevel=ERROR

Generate a JUnit report

box cflint models/**.cfc --junit

Example Output

Example Console Output

Example HTML Report



  • Added JUnit report option


  • Forgot to update the README with new CFLint version


  • Added ability to filter out levels of errors
  • Upgraded CFLint to latest 1.4.1 release


  • Fixed issue where output does not write to the current working directory


  • Running CFLint via the Java API instead of via the command line
  • Fixes issue #4 where Windows users get error that the command line is too long
  • Bumping the major version because this load CFLint via an OSGi bundle which requires CommandBox 4 or above


  • Fixed default pattern parameter since the | no longer works in a glob pattern


  • Upgraded CFLint to latest 1.4.0 release


  • Fix for case sensitive OSs
  • Added the ability for the pattern argument to accept a list of globbing patterns: ex models/**.cfc,modules_app/**.cfc


  • Upgraded CFLint to latest 1.3.0 release
  • Added the ability to suppress the display output if needed via the suppress argument
  • Added the ability to generate multiple output types at once
  • Added the ability to have the choice to fail with an exit code or note using the exitOnError argument, great for not failing CI builds if needed
  • New text report output by using the text argument
  • New json report output by using the json argument
  • Added types for CLI introspection and tab completion.


  • Original Release

$ box install commandbox-cflint

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