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A CommandBox module which can add a datasource to the CommandBox Engine which allows Commands and Modules to interact with a database.

Currently supports JTDS, MSSQL, MYSQL and H2

Tested on CommandBox 5.0.1+00137

Installation: box install commandbox-cbdatasource


**Command: cbdatasource ShowAllDatasources **

output: There are 2 datasources in the system

Command: cbdatasource MakeNewDatasource

Parameters dbtype: The type of database / driver (JTDS,MSSQL, MYSQL)
datasource: name of the datasource
serveraddress: The address of the database (IP or FQDN, defaults to
port: Port to access the DB (If not submitted, tries to determine from DBtype 3306 for MySQL, 1433 for MSSQL)
username: Login Username
password: Login password. Does not store password anywhere. Simply passes on to the CommandBox engine.
folder: Used with H2 to indicate where the db should be made.

Drivers and Bundles JTDS: net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver and Bundle 1.3.1
MSSQL: and Bundle 4.0.2206.100
MySQL: com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver (Compatabile with MySQL 8)

Notes: If a datasource of the same name already exists, it will not be overwritten without the --force flag.
Datasources do not persist after CB has been closed.

Command: cbdatasource PublishToEnv

Publishes a datasource to the .env file in the folder in which the command is run.

Keys DB_NAME - Name of the database DB_USER - The user name to use to login DB_PASSWORD - The password to the DB login DB_CONNECTIONSTRING - The connection string for the datasource DB_CLASS - The class used for the datasource. This is whatever is in the system, not what may or may not be listed above under Drivers and Bundles.

Parameters @name - the name of the datasource in the system to publish @type - the type of the database (MSSQL, MYSQL etc). If this is not provided, it will guess based on the connection string which at the moment would be limited to MYSQL, MSSQL, or JTDS. If a type is provided, that will be used and the db can be to anything.

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$ box install commandbox-cbdatasource

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