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CommandBox Banner Hack

v1.0.0 CommandBox Modules


A CommandBox module for customizing all the text in the CLI startup banner.

What it does

The CommandBox Banner Hack module allows you to customize the version, quote, and welcome message seen in the CommandBox startup banner.

CommandBox Banner Hack screenshot

Why would you want to do this?

The initial use case was a presentation - I wanted my demos and screenshots to display custom banner text in the CLI. I think a more likely reason for using this module is: "Just for fun."


Simply run the following command to install the module.

box install commandbox-banner-hack

Once the module is installed, it uses the namespace: bannerhack.

How it works

Run any of the following commands to hack your banner text. Be sure to run reload to see the updated banner.

Customize the version

bannerhack version "123.456.789"

Customize the quote

bannerhack quote "The problem with computers is they do what you tell them."

Customize the welcome text

bannerhack welcome "Welcome, this is our farmhouse."

Clear customizations

bannerhack clear

$ box install commandbox-banner-hack

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