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CFWheels CLI Commands

v1.1.0 CommandBox Modules

CFWheels CLI for CommandBox

This is a basic port of the Rails command line; Skips things like rails server which are provided by commandBox already.


Simply run install cfwheels-cli from CommandBox to install the latest release.


See or use help wheels in Commandbox.

Install via CommandBox by typing 'install cfwheels-cli'


  • app-wizard command [Peter Amiri]
  • Better h2 integration [Peter Amiri]


  • Adds create app command [Peter Amiri]
  • Adds basic support for templates [Peter Amiri]


  • Removes cfprocessdirective from default bootstrap layout


  • Fixes Scaffolding edit routing


  • Updates new installation bootstrap flash messages plugin #25 [Peter Amiri, Tom King]
  • New Properties added via scaffold now appear in the default index #24 [Peter Amiri]
  • Fixes Index templates to use routes and buttonTo Delete Links [Tom King]
  • Fixes Encode Attributes as bootstrap template default to form helpers [Tom King]


  • Various scaffolding syntax updates for CFWheels 2.0


  • Adds CFWheels 2.0


  • Add travis Adapter Test



  • Drops wheels 1.x support
  • Core, App and plugin tests via wheels test core servername etc added
  • Restructures into single command vs three
  • Removes old plugins



  • Adds command aliases for dbmigrate (db), generate(g), destroy(d) #15
  • CLI can identify Wheels version from box.json #16
  • wheels reload (alias r) command added #20
  • wheels new now offers and configures a H2 database for development when on lucee #19
  • wheels init allows for existing CFWheels apps to be prepped for CLI usage #21

Bug Fixes

  • wheels new now downloads to a unique temp folder #11
  • wheels scaffold and wheels g property command now prompt for migration #13
  • generated columns are now lowercase #18
  • CLI now only installs dbmigrate + dbmigratebridge plugins for wheels 1.x #22
  • Special Chars now stripped for generate and new commands #17

$ box install cfwheels-cli

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