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CFWheels Base Template

v2.5.1+32 CFWheels Templates


This is a blank application written in Wheels.

As an Application

As an application, this is a starting point for a modern Wheels application with Bootstrap integration.

As a ForgeBox Package

As a ForgeBox package there is some interesting things going on here. Although this package doesn't contain much custom code, it does have a dependency which pulls in the core folder the framework needs to function. This folder is pulled in via this dependency:


The core files are put into the wheels/ folder according to these settings.


To Install

To install this package you'll need to have a running CommandBox installation. Then you can install this package with the following:

mkdir myapp --cd
install wheels-base-template

This could be shortened to a single command run in an empty directory:

box install wheels-base-template

$ box install cfwheels-base-template

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