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This module includes some Util CFCs used by PGA Apps.

This module has built in tests, and a CI that will run tests, and if the tests pass, publish the module to S3 and Forgebox through Circle CI.


This module can be installed using a simple commandbox command:

box install cfml-module-utils-pgahq

This will install the module and use the box.json to track the dependencies.


These module is installed into /modules/cfmod_utils. CFCs can be used via the path modules.cfmod_utils.models.CFCNAME

Test coverage

As new CFCs are added to this repo, please add more tests to the /tests folder.

Tests can be run by hitting /tests/runner.cfm

Git ignore

Please ensure your apps are setup to ignore the modules folder.

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$ box install cfml-module-utils-pgahq

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