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Welcome To The ColdBox ORM Module

cborm CI

This module will enhance your experience when working with the ColdFusion (CFML) ORM powered by Hibernate. It will not only enhance it with dynamic goodness but give you a fluent and human approach to working with Hibernate. It will finally make working with ORM NOT SUCK!


  • Service Layers with all the methods you could probably think off to help you get started in any project
  • Virtual service layers so you can create virtual services for any entity in your application
  • ActiveEntity our implementation of Active Record for ORM
  • Fluent queries via Hibernate's criteria and detached criteria queries with some Dynamic CFML goodness
  • Dynamic finders and counters
  • Entity population from json, structs, xml, and queryies including building up their relationships
  • Entity validation
  • Includes the Mementifier project to produce memento states from any entity, great for producing JSON
  • Ability for finders and queries to be returned as Java streams using our cbStreams project.
  • Automatic REST CRUD, stop wasting time building resources and just leverage our base resource:
# A quick preview of some functionality

var book = new Book().findByTitle( "My Awesome Book" );
var book = new Book().getOrFail( 2 );

property name="userService" inject="entityService:User";

return userService.list();
return userService.list( asStream=true );

	.eq( "name", "luis" )
	.isTrue( "isActive" )

	.isTrue( "isActive" )
	.joinTo( "role" )
		.eq( "name", "admin" )

	.withProjections( property="id,fname:firstName,lname:lastName,age" )
	.isTrue( "isActive" )
	.joinTo( "role" )
		.eq( "name", "admin" )

In other words, it makes using an ORM not SUCK! 🚀


Apache License, Version 2.0.

Source & Changelog





  • Lucee 5+
    • Hibernate 3.5.x
    • Hibernate 5.x via the new hibernate extension
  • ColdFusion 2018
    • Hibernate 5.2.11
  • ColdFusion 2021
    • Hibernate 5.2.11


Use CommandBox cli to install:

box install cborm

Unfortunately, due to the way that ORM is loaded by ColdFusion, if you are using the ORM EventHandler or ActiveEntity or any ColdBox Proxies that require ORM, you must create an Application Mapping in the Application.cfc like this:

this.mappings[ "/cborm" ] = COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH & "modules/cborm";

This is due to the fact that the ORM event listener starts before ColdBox, so no dynamic mappings exist yet. Important: Make sure you ALWAYS lazy load dependencies in your event handlers to avoid chicken and the egg issues.

WireBox DSL

The module also registers a new WireBox DSL called entityservice which can produce virtual or base ORM entity services:

  • entityservice - Inject a global ORM service so you can work with ANY entity
  • entityservice:{entityName} - Inject a Virtual entity service according to entityName


Here are the module settings you can place in your config/Coldbox.cfc under the moduleSettings.cborm structure:

moduleSettings = {
	cborm = {
		// Resource Settings
		resources : {
			// Enable the ORM Resource Event Loader
			eventLoader  : false,
			// Prefix to use on all the registered pre/post{Entity}{Action} events
			eventPrefix : "",
			// Pagination max rows
			maxRows      : 25,
			// Pagination max row limit: 0 = no limit
			maxRowsLimit : 500
		// WireBox Injection Bridge
		injection : {
			enabled : true,
			include : "",
			exclude : ""


We have also migrated the UniqueValidator from the validation module into our ORM module. It is mapped into wirebox as UniqueValidator@cborm so you can use in your constraints like so:

this.constraints = {
    "name"  : {


All contributions welcome! Feel free to fix a typo, add a feature 🚀 , or add a testbox spec for a newly discovered issue 🐛

If you want to get hacking on CBORM, here's how to start:

  1. Make sure you have CommandBox installed:
  2. Star, Fork, and Clone down this repo:
  3. Start a MySQL 5+ service or you can use our docker-compose.yml file. Just make sure you have Docker installed. run-script startdbs or run it manually below.
docker run \
    -e MYSQL_USER=other \
    -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=ortussolutions \
    -e MYSQL_DATABASE=coolblog \
    -v "$PWD/test-harness/tests/resources":/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d \
    -p 3306:3306 \
    --detach \
    --name cborm_mysql \
  1. Copy .env.template to .env and enter the database credentials used in step 2 above ☝
  2. Install the project dependencies with CommandBox box run-script install:dependencies
  3. Start a test server - box start [email protected] (You can use adobe or other engines)
  4. Hack away! :laptop:

Copyright Since 2005 ColdBox Framework by Luis Majano and Ortus Solutions, Corp


Because of His grace, this project exists. If you don't like this, then don't read it, its not for you.

"Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. ." Romans 5:5


"I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me (JESUS)" Jn 14:1-12


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


4.4.0 - 2023-04-19


  • Github Actions updated
  • Github support files
  • ColdBox 7+ automated testing
  • More test scenarios and test cleanups

[v4.3.2] => 2022-NOV-17


  • Removal of lazy annotations that conflict with cb7 lazy properties

[v4.3.1] => 2022-NOV-16


  • Updated processState() to announce() on all tests

[v4.3.0] => 2022-NOV-16


  • Updated processState() to announce() to stay compliant

[v4.2.0] => 2022-NOV-16


  • Updated announceInterception() to announce() to stay compliant

[v4.1.0] => 2022-NOV-10


  • Updated the way the populator is retrieved so we can be forwards compatible

[v4.0.0] => 2022-OCT-10


  • Upgraded all dependencies to major bumps


  • Dropped ACF2016 Support

[v3.9.0] => 2022-AUG-10


  • New when( boolean, success, fail ) fluent construct for ActiveEntity, VirtualEntityService and the BaseORMService to allow for fluent chaining of operations on an entity or it's service.
  • Migration to new ColdBox Virtual App Testing approaches
  • Removed unecessary on load logging to increase performance
  • Hibernate 5.4 on Lucee experimental testing


[v3.8.0] => 2022-MAR-09


  • CBORM-32 - Non-Primary DSN Entities not found. Multi-datasource discovery of entities using virtual services and active entity. This was a regresion since version 1.5. This brings back multi-datasource support for active entity, and virtual entity services.
  • Detached Subqueries was marked as a singleton when indeed it was indeed a transient. This could have created scoping issues on subquery based detached criteria building.
  • Varscoping issues in BaseBuilder detached projections
  • DetachedCriteriaBuilder was not passing the datasource to native criteria objects


  • Root docker-compose.yml to startup MySQL, or PostgreSQL in docker, for further hacking and testing.
  • Java proxy caching to avoid Lucee OSGi issues and increase Java object building performance
  • New method in the BaseOrmService: buildJavaProxy() which leverages our JavaProxyBuilder
  • Lazy loading of SQL Helper in criteria queries
  • New module template guidelines and CI
  • Leverage WireBox aliases for contstruction of internal objects
  • Tons of internal docs and links to hibernate docs

[v3.7.0] => 2022-JAN-13


  • CBORM-29 Allow SQL projections to be functions containing commas

[v3.6.0] => 2022-JAN-10


  • Removed usage of interface on DSL. Causes more issues than anything with multiple engines.


  • Renamed default object DSL

[v3.5.1] => 2022-JAN-10


  • Removed usage of interface on DSL. Causes more issues than anything with multiple engines.

[v3.5.0] => 2021-DEC-16


  • CBORM-20 ActiveEntity evict() had the wrong method and arguments delegated to the parent class.
  • CBORM-9 ACF2021 - org.hibernate.SessionFactory.getAllClassMetadata is no longer supported


  • CBORM-14 Inline datasource discovery in base orm service to get a performance boost
  • CBORM-13 virtual entity service double creating the orm utility, use the parent one instead of duplicating the effort
  • CBORM-12 Lazy load the getORMUtil() and use it only when required.


  • CBORM-22 New orm util support method: setupHibernateLogging() thanks to michael born
  • CBORM-19 Added a isInTransaction() util helper method to all the orm services.
  • CBORM-18 New ORM events based on Hibernate 5.4 Events: ORMFlush, ORMAutoFlush, ORMPreFlush, ORMDirtyCheck, ORMEvict, and ORMClear
  • CBORM-17 Hibernate 5.4 support for lucee new extension
  • CBORM-16 Adobe 2021 support and testing automations
  • CBORM-15 Migration to github actions
  • CBORM-11 Allow Criteria Builder Get() and getOrFail() Methods to Return Projection List Properties
  • CBORM-21 New cfformating rules


  • If you upgrade your lucee ORM extension to use Hibernate 5.4, all positional paramters in HQL using ? has been deprecated. You will have to use the ?x approach where x is a number according to the position in the sql:
// Old Syntax
select p
from Person p
where like ? and p.isStatus = ?

// New Syntax
select p
from Person p
where like ?1 and p.isStatus = ?2

[v3.4.0] => 2021-APR-27


  • Support for Adobe 2021 on resource loader

[v3.3.0] => 2021-APR-27


  • New eventPrefix setting so you can prefix the resource REST CRUD events with whatever you like.
  • Useful exceptions when results struct does not have the required keys
  • Ability to override the name of the method to use for persistence on the ORM services. Using the variables.saveMethod property or the savemethod argument.
  • Ability to override the name of the method to use for deleting entities on the ORM services. Using the variables.deleteMethod property or the deleteMethod argument.
  • cbSwagger docs


  • Added ACF2016 compatibilities on elvis operator which sucks on ACF2016
  • Avoid using member function son some arrays to allow for working with Java arrays

[v3.2.1] => 2021-MAR-31


  • Wrong object to get the event handler manager when doing execute query calls

[v3.2.0] => 2021-MAR-31


  • Exposed a getSQLHelper() from criterias to allow for usage of formmatting of sql
  • New interception points: beforeOrmExecuteQuery, afterOrmExecuteQuery from the base orm service: executeQuery() method


  • Moved afterCriteriaBuilderList event before results conversions

[v3.1.0] => 2021-MAR-30


  • Env templates using new lucee bundles and mysql 8 support
  • New interception point: afterCriteriaBuilderGet, beforeCriteriaBuilderGet called after/before criteria get() calls


  • Fixed http to https for downloads
  • Fixed watcher pathing

[v3.0.0] => 2021-FEB-12


  • [CBORM-3] - Updated cbValidation to v3 to suppport cbi18n v2
  • [CBORM-4] - asQuery update to default it to false
  • [CBORM-5] - Document v3 variant in the docs


  • [CBORM-6] - Source code cleanups by applying formatting rules


  • [CBORM-2] - isDirty() not working with ActiveEntity due to missing entity passed

[v2.6.0] => 2020-NOV-25


  • Entities are now created, auto-wired and THEN populated when using the new() method instead of being auto-wired after population.
  • Made processEntityInjection() public on the ORM Event Handler so it can be reused in other locations
  • processEntityInjection() returns the passed entity so you can do chaining
  • getOrFail() now includes in the extendedInfo the actual entity that caused the exception
  • Formatting according to new rules
  • Updated changelogs to new standards
  • Added auto-publishing of changelogs to github
  • Pinning to ColdBox 6 for base testing
  • ColdBox 6 graceful shutdowns for tests
  • Base Test Case for all tests for faster executions and cleanup due to base reusability


  • Typo on ORMUtilSupport when detecting datasources, if you passed a default it would never be used
  • postNew was not using the actual entity name so we where hitting performance on lookups for name
  • compose relationships was false for resource handler and it needed to be true
  • Increased timeouts for tests, due to Adobe issues with long compile times in latest patch levels that suck!
  • Unique validator test was clearing the full app scope and trigger multiple testing issues

[v2.5.0] => 2020-APR-20

  • Features : Introduction of the automatic resource handler for ORM Entities based on ColdBox's 6 resources and RestHandler
  • Improvement : Natively allow for nested transactions and savepoints by not doing preemptive transaction commits when using transactions.
  • Bug : Fix on getOrFail() where if the id was 0, it would still return an empty object.
  • Task : Added formatting via cfformat

[v2.4.0] => 2020-JAN-31

  • Feature : Upgraded to cbValidation 2.0.0
  • Feature : Updated the unique validator to match 2.0.0 standards
  • Feature : Upgraded to mementifier 2.0.0


  • improvement : In executeQuery() Determine if we are in a UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE, if we do, just return the results instead of a stream or query as the result is always numeric, the rows that were altered.
  • bug : Fixed asStream typo on executeQuery()
  • bug : Missing ACF2016 compat on tests


  • bug : virtual entity service still had entity required for casting methods


  • Feature: New function for criteria query when( boolean, target ) that you can use to build functional criterias without the use of if statements.

    newCriteria() .when( isBoolean( arguments.isPublished ), function( c ){ // Published bit c.isEq( "isPublished", isPublished ); // Published eq true evaluate other params if( isPublished ){ c.isLt( "publishedDate", now() ) .$or( c.restrictions.isNull( "expireDate" ), c.restrictions.isGT( "expireDate", now() ) ) .isEq( "passwordProtection","" ); } } ) .when( !isNull( arguments.showInSearch ), function( criteria ){ c.isEq( "showInSearch", showInSearch ); } ) .list()

  • Feature: Missing nullValue() is BaseBuilder class

  • Feature: Added new criteria query peek( closure ) function to allow for peeking into the building process. Pass in your closure that receives the criteria and interact with it.

  • Feature: Added a validateOrFail() to the active entity, which if the validation fails it will throw an exception or return back to you the same entity validated now.

  • Improvement: Better documentation for deleteById() since it does bulk deletion, which does not do any type of cascading.

  • Improvement: isValid() in active entity missing includeFields argument

  • Improvement: Timeout hints for criteria builder

  • Improvement: Updated exception type for criteria builder get()

  • Bug: ACF2016 issues with elvis operator.

  • Bug: getOrFail() had an invalid throw statement


  • Change populate() in ActiveEntity so the target is the last argument so you can just pass a struct as the first argument #29
  • Make the save() operation return the saved entity or array of entities instead of the BaseORM service #28


Compatibility Updates

  • You will need to move the orm configuration structure in your config/ColdBox.cfc to the moduleSettings struct and rename it to cborm to standardize it to module settings.

    moduleSettings = {

    cborm = {
    	inject = {
    		enabled = true,
    		includes = "",
    		excludes = ""


  • deleteByQuery() reworked entirely to do native bulk delete queries. It now also returns the number of records removed

  • The evict() method was renamed to evictCollection() to better satisfy the same contract in hibernate

  • The evictEntity() method was renamed to evict() to better satisfay the same contract in hibernate

  • Removed byExample on many listing methods

General Updates

  • Mementifier is now a dependency for cborm (, which can be used for producing state out of ORM entities for auditing or building JSON Api's.
  • cbStreams is now a dependency for cborm (, all criteria queries and major listing methods support the return of streams instead of array of objects
  • Full Null Support
  • Performance update on creating active entities as datasource discovery has been reworked
  • Updated build process to latest in Ortus template
  • Dropped Railo, Lucee 4.5, ACF11 support
  • More direct scoping for performance updates
  • Optimized EventHandler so it is lighter and quicker when doing orm injections
  • Documented all functions with extra examples and notes and hibernate references
  • ColdBox 5 and 4 discrete ORM Injection DSLs

Criteria Queries

  • They have been adapted to work with Hibernate 3, 4 and 5

  • New fail fast method for get() -> getOrFail() to throw an entity not found exception

  • New alias methods for controlling the result transformations asStruct(), asStream(), asDistinct() that will apply result transformers for you instead of doing .resultTransformer( c.ALIAS_TO_ENTITY_MAP ), whish is long and boring, or return to you a java stream via cbStreams.

  • When calling native restrictions, no more reflection is used to discover the restriction type thus increasing over 70% in performance when creating criteria queries

  • You can now negate any criteria restriction by prefixing it with a not. So you can do: .notEq(), notBetween(), notIsNull(), notIsIn() and much more.

  • The list() method has a new asStream boolean argument that if true, will return the results as a cbStream. ((

  • New Methods: idCast() and autoCast() added for quick casting of values

  • New method: queryHint() so you can add your own vendor specific query hints for optimizers.

  • New method: comment( string ) so you can add arbitrary comments to the generated SQL, great for debugging

  • sqlRestriction() deprecated in favor of the shorthand notation: sql()

  • The sql() restriction now supports binding positional parameters. You can pass them in an array and we will infer the types: sql( "id = ? and isActive = ?", [ "123", true ] ). Or you can pass in a struct of {value:"", type:""} instead:

    restrictions.sql( "userName = ? and firstName like ?", [ { value : "joe", type : "string" }, { value : "%joe%", type : "string" } ] );

The available types are the following which match the Hibernate Types

this.TYPES = {
	"string" 		: "StringType",
	"clob"			: "ClobType",
	"text"			: "TextType",
	"char"			: "ChareacterType",
	"boolean" 		: "BooleanType",
	"yesno" 		: "YesNoType",
	"truefalse"		: "TrueFalseType",
	"byte" 			: "ByteType",
	"short" 		: "ShortType",
	"integer" 		: "IntegerType",
	"long" 			: "LongType",
	"float"			: "FloatType",
	"double" 		: "DoubleType",
	"bigInteger"	: "BigIntegerType",
	"bigDecimal"	: "BigDecimalType",
	"timestamp" 	: "TimestampType",
	"time" 			: "TimeType",
	"date" 			: "DateType",
	"calendar"		: "CalendarType",
	"currency"		: "CurrencyType",
	"locale" 		: "LocaleType",
	"timezone"		: "TimeZoneType",
	"url" 			: "UrlType",
	"class" 		: "ClassType",
	"blob" 			: "BlobType",
	"binary" 		: "BinaryType",
	"uuid" 			: "UUIDCharType",
	"serializable"	: "SerializableType"
  • Detached Criteria builder now has a maxResults( maxResults ) method to limit the results by
  • Detached Criteria sql projections now take aliases into account
  • SQL Projections and SQL Group By projections now respect aliases

Base ORM Service

  • New Fail fast methods: getOrFail() proxies to get(), findOrFail() proxies to findIt() that if not entity is produced will throw a EntityNotFound exception
  • All listing methods can now return the results as a cbStream by passing the asStream boolean argument.
  • Removed criteriaCount(), criteriaQuery() from BaseService, this was the legacy criteria builder approach, please use newCriteria() instead.
  • Update getEntityGivenName to support ACF2018
  • Lazy loading BeanPopulator for performance on creations
  • Lazy loading ORMEventHandler for performance on creations
  • Lazy loading restrictions for performance on creations
  • Base service can now be initialized with a datasource, or uses the default one declared
  • Added optional datasource to many listing methods
  • Added consistency on querying options to all major functions to include ignoreCase, sorting and timeouts.
  • Added ability to getAll() to retrieve read only entities using the readOnly argument.
  • The getAll() method has a new properties argument that if passed will allow you to retrieve an array of structs according to the passed in properties.
  • New method: idCast( entity, id ) to auto cast your entity id value to java type automatically for you, no more javacasting
  • New method: autoCast( entity, propertyName, value ) to auto cast any value for any entity property automatically, no more javacasting.
  • New method: getKeyValue( entity ) which will give you the value of the entity's unique identifier
  • New method: isDirty( entity ) which will let you know if the entity has dirty values or has its values changed since loaded from the db
  • New method: getEntityMetadata( entity ) which will return to you the hibernate's metadata for a specific entity.
  • getPropertyNames() argument of entityname renamed to entity to allow not only for a name but an actual entity as well.
  • getTableName() argument of entityname renamed to entity to allow not only for a name but an actual entity as well.
  • getKey() argument of entityname renamed to entity to allow not only for a name but an actual entity as well.
  • ORM Encapsulation of hibernate metadata retrieval via getEntityMetadata()
  • deleteByQuery() reworked entirely to do native bulk delete queries. It now also returns the number of records removed
  • deleteWhere() missing flush argument, added datasource as well
  • New properties: wirebox : a WireBox reference already injected, logger : a prepared logger for the class, datasource The default datasource or constructed datasource for the class.
  • Logging of all activity now available via the debug level, even for dynamic methods.
  • Refactored all dynamic finders and counters to their own class, which improves not only performance but weight of orm service based entities.
  • All dynamic method calls can now return cbStreams as the results
  • All dynamic method calls accept a structure as an argument or named as options that can have the following keys now:
	ignoreCase 	: boolean (false)
	maxResults 	: numeric (0)
	offset     	: numeric (0)
	cacheable  	: boolean (false)
	cacheName  	: string (default)
	timeout    	: numeric (0)
	datasource 	: string (defaults)
	sortBy     	: hql to sort by,
	autoCast   	: boolean (true),
	asStream	: boolean (false)

results = ormservice.findByLastLoginBetween( "User", "01/01/2008", "11/01/2008", { sortBy="LastName" } );
  • All dynamic finders/counters values are autocasted, you no longer need to cast the values, we will do this for you. You can turn it off via the autocast:false in the options to the calls.#

[Virtual Entity Service]

Remember this entity extends Base Service, so we get all the features above plus the following:

Active Entity

Remember this entity extends the Virtual Service, so we get all the features above plus the following:

  • Faster creation speeds due to lazy loading of dependencies and better datasource determination.
  • refresh(), merge(), evict() refactored to encapsulate login in the base orm service and not itself


  • Performance improvements for criteria building as we now build up the dialect and support structs
  • ACF 2018 Support via Hibernate 5
  • Update to leverage new module template schema
  • Updated readme from old text



  • Pass the target value as the rejected value for Unique validator
  • Travis Updates
  • Dependency updates
  • Lucee 5 exceptions on ORM Util due to abstract keyword


  • Travis updates
  • COLDBOX-460 Dynamic finders fixed by always adding datasource attribute to hql query
  • Fixes an interface error on AC11 startup


  • Fixed box.json version number


  • BaseORMService.merge doesn't seem to merge entities back into session #10
  • Variable scoping in SQLHelper.cfc bug #9
  • Update build process to leverage Travis
  • Updated cbvalidation to v1.1.0
  • Build cleanup
  • Replaced StringBuffer with StringBuilder for performance


  • Updated cbvalidation dependency
  • Prevent conditionals from being stripped from property names
  • Updated build for api docs and commandbox usage for dependencies
  • ORM Unique validation not working


  • updates to all dependencies
  • production ignore lists



  • Create first module version

$ box install cborm

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