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v1.3.7 ContentBox Modules

Socialite for ContentBox

A cool module to handle oauth2 authentication.

Currently support:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Linkedin
  • Github


Go to module page in admin and add your credentials.

Obtaining OAuth Keys

- Visit [Google Cloud Console]( - Click **CREATE PROJECT** button - Enter *Project Name*, then click **CREATE** - Then select *APIs & auth* from the sidebar and click on *Credentials* tab - Click **CREATE NEW CLIENT ID** button - **Application Type**: Web Application - **Authorized redirect URI**: *http://YOUR-SITE-URL*

Note: Make sure you have turned on Contacts API and Google+ API in the APIs tab.

- Visit [Facebook Developers]( - Click **Apps > Create a New App** in the navigation bar - Enter *Display Name*, then choose a category, then click **Create app** - Click on *Settings* on the sidebar, then click **+ Add Platform** - Select **Website** - Enter *http://YOUR-SITE-URL* for *Site URL*
- Visit []( - Select **Applications** in the left panel - Go to **Developer applications** tab, then click on the **Register new application** button - **Application name**: Your app name - **Homepage URL**: *http://YOUR-SITE-URL* - **Authorization callback URL**: *http://localhost:3000* - Click on the **Register application** button

$ box install cbSocialite

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