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Web Push Notifications For ContentBox

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Web Push Notifications For ContentBox


cbSendPulse is essential for every site, Web Push notifications work on a number of platforms. Customers can subscribe and receive notifications right on their desktop or mobile devices. for detail you can checkout

Quick Start

Clone the git repo - git clone [email protected]:LucidSolutions/cbSendPulse.git - or download it.


Clone this repo into \modules\contentbox\modules_user of your contentbox code.


  • register your site at
  • install the module via commandbox box install cbSendPulse
  • go to Contentbox admin, activate the module
  • enter your client ID and client secret ID at setting section


  • proper error handling


cbSendPulse is authored by Lucid Outsourcing Solutions and everyone is welcome to contribute.


If you experience any problems with cbSendPulse module please:

Social Media

You'll find us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

This is an awesome Send Pulse Web Push Notification module

$ box install cbSendPulse

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