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# cbSchedulerViewer

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This is a module you can drop into your coldbox to get a nicely formatted overview of the tasks the were registered using the coldbox scheduler.

This module should be considered experimetal, so use at your own risk until further development has been done.


  • Adobe ColdFusion 2018+
  • Lucee 5+


Installation is easy through CommandBox and ForgeBox. Simply type box install cbSchedulerViewer to get started.


The module should be automatically registered and ready to use. Simply navigate to /cbSchedulerViewer


By default the module will retrieve tasks from all module schedulers as well as the default global scheduler (appScheduler@coldbox). This can be overriden by creating the following struct in moduleSettings in your config.cfc.

It will be your job to override the closure and return an array of schedulers.

// cbSchedulerViewer
cbSchedulerViewer = {
	getSchedulers = function(){
		var wirebox = controller.getWirebox();
		return [ 
  •   Ryan Albrecht
  • Published
  • 1.0.6 is the latest of 7 release(s)
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$ box install cbSchedulerViewer

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