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CB Code Format

This module allows you to do code formatting and syntax highlighting according to the pygments library and its gazillion of language lexers.


Just run a simple box install cbCodeHighlight with CommandBox CLI!


You can add the following settings to your config/ColdBox.cfc under the moduleSettings struct:

moduleSettings = {
	cbCodeHighlight = {
		// The code theme to activate
		// Themes: autumn,borland,bw,colorful,default,emacs,friendly,fruity,manny,monokai,murphy,native,pastie,perldoc,tango,trac,vim,vs
		theme = "default",
		// Default language
		defaultLexer = "java",
		// Listen to `preRender()` and convert any `<pre></pre>` tags to syntax highlighting
		preRenderer = false
  • theme : The css theme to use
  • defaultLexer : If not syntax attribute is added to <pre></pre> tags, then use this as the default language
  • preRender : If true, it will activate the ColdBox preRender interceptor and will automatically process all content and translate <pre></pre> tags with our awesome processor.


This module comes with two model classes to help you with code formatting and highlighting. Below are the WireBox Id's you can use:

  • [email protected] : Render out formatting using a code block and options.
  • [email protected] : Process an HTML block and replace all <pre></pre> tags with the appropriate syntax highlight.

Formatting Calls

The cbCodeHighlight model has a nice method to deal with converting code blocks to pretty ones:

 * Take a string and format it as HTML
 * @code The code block to format
 * @syntax The syntax to apply, if not passed it defaults to the defaultLexer setting
 * @fileName The filename + extension this code syntax represents
function format(
	required string code,
	string syntax=variables.settings.defaultLexer,
	string fileName = ''

Pass in a block of code, choose a language syntax and an optional fileName that will be added to the output block.


This code formatter needs CSS to visualize the goodness. You must make sure you add these css styles to your layout. You can call the getCssAssets() on the cbCodeHighlight object and it will give you a nice list of the css files to load.

function preHandler(){
	addAsset( cbCodeHighlight.getCssAssets() );

That's it, this will load the css assets to the DOM and off you go.

ColdBox View Interceptor

We have provided an interceptor that listens to all ColdBox preRender interceptions so it can automatically process the incoming HTML and make those <pre></pre> shine! Just make sure the preRenderer setting is true.

HTML Transformer

You can also do a-la-carte transformations by accessing the [email protected] model and calling it's process( content ) method. You can transform ANY string content by inspecting it for <pre></pre> tags and replacing them inline.

var content = contentService.getContent( );
return getInstance( "[email protected]" ).process( content.render() );

The <pre> tags also can have two more atrributes :

  • syntax : A valid pygments syntax definition:
  • fileName : A filename that the pre code represents. This will output a nice filename information box.
<pre syntax="javascript" fileName="component.js">

<pre syntax="sql" fileName="export.sql">

<pre syntax="coldfusion" fileName="myFile.cfm">

Copyright Since 2005 ColdBox Framework by Luis Majano and Ortus Solutions, Corp


Because of His grace, this project exists. If you don't like this, then don't read it, its not for you.

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$ box install cbCodeHighlight

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