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Bugsnag Error Notification for Coldbox

Log your Coldbox errors using Bugsnag and the Bugsnag Notify API.


At minimum, you will need a Bugsnag API key. You can get this from the Bugsnag Dashboard Settings page.

In /config/Coldbox.cfc's configure() method, add bugsnag.apiKey setting to the moduleSettings struct like so:

function configure(){
    moduleSettings = {
        bugsnag = {
            ApiKey: "PLEASE_SET_ME"

The following settings are available:

moduleSettings = {
    bugsnag = {
        "ApiKey": "REQUIRED",
        // is this app in development, staging, or production?
        "releaseStage": "development",
        // only notify for these environments
        "notifyReleaseStages": ["development","staging","production"], // NOT IMPLEMENTED
        // automatically log items using a Logbox appender
        "enableLogBoxAppender" = true,
        // Min/Max levels for appender
        "levelMin" = "FATAL",
        "levelMax" = "INFO",
        // automatically log exceptions via onException interception event
        "enableExceptionLogging" = true,
        // Data sanitization, scrub fields and headers, replaced with * at runtime
        "scrubFields" 	= [],
        "scrubHeaders" = []


  • Follow Bugsnag integration guidelines
  • Allow apps to set user and context data per request, to be logged with any errors
  • Write tests for BugsnagService and BugsnagAppender

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Copyright 2019 (and on) - Michael Born

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$ box install bugsnag

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