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This is a coldbox module to enable WebDAV access to your coldbox application.

Tested on Luccee with Windows WebDAV client.

To use, simply drop the module into your application. By default, it has annoymous access and uses the lucee temp directory as a base for file operations, however, in production we are using it with basic auth over SSL and are using it with a virtual file system and MySQL.


LGPL v2.1

Getting started

To get started, there is a sample tempDirectoryProvider which provides WebDAV access to the lucee temp directory. This is for demo purposes only(!), It's advisable to write your own provider - either fileSystem based provider, or Virtual File System provider.
  • Enter a dummy username and password - it doesn't matter what at this point as we're returning true regardless of user/pass
  • In your lucee temp directory, create a folder called webdav - this is the folder we'll be using for demo purposes.
  • Map a network drive in windows to http://yourserver/webdav
  • Create a folder and drag and drop some files, and dir/ls your lucee temp directory to make sure the files are appearing/editing/deleting properly.


  • You need SES turned on, and proper re-writes with either nginx or tuckey.
  • Turn off SES extention detection (or fiddle around with the code and add your extentions and prepend the rc.format var onto the path - this can get tricky, so we turned it off)

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$ box install WebDAV

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