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Mailchimp List

v1.0.0 Public

MailChimp List API Wrapper

A simple wrapper around MailChimp's 2.0 List API.

**NOTE** We only really implemented the methods we needed. This isn't a full library around MailChimp's offerings, and others are encourage to submit pull requests to fill in the missing gaps.

Methods we implemented:

  • /lists/list: Retrieve all of the lists defined for your user account ([API Docs](
  • /lists/subscribe: Subscribe the provided email to a list. By default this sends a confirmation email - you will not see new members until the link contained in it is clicked! ([API Docs](
  • /lists/unsubscribe: Unsubscribe the given email address from the list ([API Docs](
  • /lists/update-member: Updates a given member from the list ([API Docs](

And that's literally it.

Here are all the versions for this package. Please note that you can leverage CommandBox package versioning to install any package you like. Please refer to our managing package version guide for more information.

Version Created Last Update Published By Stable Actions
1.0.0 May 14 2015 08:12 AM Jun 10 2016 01:08 AM


$ box install Mailchimp-List

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