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Console Pretty

v1.0.0 Public

CommandBox Console Pretty

Simple module to draw bordered message boxes to the console (Supports emoji!!)


CommandBox> install ConsolePretty


getInstance( "[email protected]" ).printMessageBox( message );

ConsolePretty is a threadsafe singleton and suitable for injection. Inject the library like so:

component {
 property name="ConsolePretty" inject="[email protected];
 function run() {
 ConsolePretty.printMessageBox( "🦄  Welcome to my pretty box 🦄 " )


  • message: String or array of strings to print inside the box. Word wrapping is on by default. If an array of strings, each item in the array will be a separate line (hint: even empty strings ). Can use some emojis (depending on terminal shell support, but mostly these are good:
  • border: Character(s) to use to draw the box. Defaults to "🔥 ". Can be pretty much any printable character supported by your terminal - results may vary.
  • color: Color of text inside the box. Defaults to "white" (For available color options run box system-colors)
  • borderColor: Color of border characters. Defaults to "red"
  • wordwrap: If true, will wrap at 80 characters (or whatever columns is set to. Defaults to true.
  • columns: Number of characters to print before wrapping. Defaults to 80.
  • textAlign: Either "left" or "center" to align text. Defaults to "center"

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Install this module and inject it into your command/task/module CFC. Then call it like ConsolePretty.printMessageBox( message )

$ box install ConsolePretty

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