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Code Editor Manager

v1.0 ContentBox Modules


Code Editor Manager enables you to use extra, custom code editors instead of the default CodeEditor that ships with ContentBox. 

Each included code editor allows you to set allowed code modes, allowed themes, as well as set default modes and themes.

Using Code Editor Manager

Using this module is super simple. All you have to do is to install the module, activate it, and then activate the custom code editors you would like to use (as well as any configuration of those that you'd like to set). 

That's it! Now when you edit a page or blog entry, you'll be able to choose from the custom code editors, and ContentBox will even remember the last one you picked so you don't have to change every time.


The current version of ContentBox will throw an error if you have set your "editor" preference to one of the custom code editors, but then deactivate the custom code editor OR deactivate/uninstall the module.

If this happens, simply adjust the user preferences of the user throwing the error to use one of the editors that ships with ContentBox.

This issue will be resolved in future versions of ContentBox.
Code Editor Manager can be installed two ways:
  1. The easiest way is to install it directly from Forgebox. One click and you're done.
  2. The other option is to download the source and add it to your root/modules/contentbox/modules folder. Once added, go to Modules Management in the ContentBox admin site and choose to "Rescan".


  • Added module
  • Includes:
    • CodeMirror
    • Ace Code Edidtor

$ box install Code-Editor-Manager

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