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CB Breadcrumb

v1.1.0 Public

CB Breadcrumb

Automatically generate breadcrumb data and HTML in your ColdBox application, using the Routing table.


box install cbbreadcrumb


An instance of CB Breadcrumb is automatically added to each request and is available in the private request context.
You may display breadcrumb HTML in your layout with a single line of code: #prc.cbbreadcrumb.getBreadcrumbHTML()#
The default HTML format uses Bootstrap 4 syntax, though you may override the function if necessary.

Page names

The names for each breadcrumb node are pulled straight out of your routing table, so be sure to add a name to each route:

route(pattern="articles", name="Articles").withAction({ "GET" = "list" });
route(pattern="", name="Create a new article").withAction({ "GET" = "new"});
route(pattern="articles:ID").withAction({ "GET" = "show" });

If no name is specified, the event name is used instead.


In some cases you may be using placeholders in your routes, such as articles:ID in the example above. You can pass a struct into the replacePlaceholders() function to provide a node name for these placeholders.

prc.cbbreadcrumb.replacePlaceholders({ ID = prc.article.getTitle() }).getBreadcrumbHTML();

Advanced options

The getBreadcrumbHTML() function accepts a few arguments for advanced configuration.

| Argument | Type | Description | | - | - | - | | nodeName | string | When set, override the current node's name in the breadcrumb. | | placeholders | struct | If your routing table includes placeholders, you may pass a struct to replace these values in your breadcrumb. For instance, you may want to replace a record ID token with a name: {id = 'Your record name'} | | includeHome | boolean | When true, include a 'home' node. | | breadcrumbArray | array | You may optionally pass an entire breadcrumb array instead of using the routing table, e.g. [{name='Home', link='/'}, {name='Latest news', link="/blog"}] |

Alternatively, you may instead call the corresponding functions directly on the cbbreadcrumb object:


Written by Gary Stanton.

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$ box install CBBreadcrumb

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