<cfspreadsheet /> for Lucee 5.x

Link to cfspreadsheet for Lucee 4.x:



  1. Download and copy the cfspreadsheet-lucee-5.lex into the /lucee-server/deploy or {lucee-web}/deploy directory of a running Lucee 5 installation.
  2. Wait a little bit, it can take Lucee up to a minute to recognize and install the extension. After the extension disappears from the deploy directory it is installed. If you now go to the Lucee Server or Web Admin and to the "Extension/Application" section, you should see it there as installed.


  1. Works for both the server or an individual web context.
  2. Uninstall does not currently remove the .lar file installed into archives directory.
  3. Installing into the web-context components directory currently not supported in Lucee 5, so the component cfc is bundled into a .lar with component mapping.


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  • Published on Mar 11 2018 07:34 PM
$ box install 037A27FF-0B80-4CBA-B954BEBD790B460E
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